Holistic expertise for successful customer value management.

Ensuring the success of customer value management is always a joint venture. Sustainably increased revenue is only possible when the areas of expertise interact:

  • Qualitative analysis and measuring concepts
  • Effective and target-group-aligned communication approaches
  • Organisation and processes
  • Systems and data

This is why the combination of precisely these areas of expertise in the DATALOGUE services portfolio is so unique in its segment:


Customer value measurement and (campaign) analysis

Concept design

Concepts for customer acquisition and lead management


CRM and customer value consultancy


Systems and interfaces for customer value management

Analytics for marketing and sales intelligence.

DATALOGUE analytics solutions establish a basis for the identification and explicit exploitation of value creation potentials. Our expertise covers not only representative measurement, but also complex statistical analysis methods. These include projects from the following areas:

  • Customer value measurement and segmentation
  • Determination of potentials and the derivation of exploitation measures
  • Success analysis and reporting
  • Analytical campaign optimisation
  • Decision management
  • Campaign controlling
The working environment at our offices in Hamburg

Dialogue concepts with success monitoring.

An important building block for sustainably increasing customer value is the translation of insights from analyses into concrete communication measures. For this purpose, we develop conceptual principles for implementation throughout the entire customer life cycle or within individual measures:

  • Lead strategy for acquisition / customer care
  • Touchpoint design
  • Qualification strategy
  • Customer journey
  • Digital and social CRM
  • Targeting and performance optimisation

Target-oriented consulting for optimum customer value.

The focus of our consulting services lies on CRM: customer relationship management and customer value management. We employ our expertise in the analysis of all processes and organisational requirements of your business to arrive at the highest possible customer value.

In addition to our custom solutions, we also offer proven project packages aligned towards the creation of measurable additional revenue. These include:

CRM concept design
CVM-capable organisation and processes, change management
Holistic approaches (Customer Value CheckĀ®)
Custom privacy and data exploitation strategies
KPI framework and reporting

Smart customer value technology takes you from big data to smart data.

The technologies segment of our services portfolio provides the necessary systems and interfaces for the customisation of customer value management. We realise and operate the system and data architecture for you in our role as a consulting and implementation partner.

In addition to the implementation or the optimisation of your existing systems, we also offer support in the area of OEM solutions. If required, we can also make our own DATALOGUE SuiteĀ® system platform available for your use.

Our expertise in this field covers the following areas:

  • Warehousing
  • Closed-loop system architecture
  • Customer value management data architecture
  • Specialised systems and modules for data mining, multichannel campaign management and decision-making as well as marketing resource management tools