Our most convincing argument: successful clients.

We know everything there is to know about customer satisfaction. In our own clients’ contexts, too. Many prominent concerns already benefit from their close collaboration with DATALOGUE. Our project experience has been gathered with prominent clients, including:

The direct line to success:
our expertise in the telecommunications segment.

Our customer base management ensures revenue growth – for both prepaid and contract providers. We offer a standardised communications package containing everything from hosting the marketing database and the design and realisation of strategies to target group selection – including implementation.

Holistic management and administration is enabled by the interdisciplinary collaboration of a team of specialists. Our analysts assume responsibility for target group selection and the optimisation of all marketing activities. Our communication experts advise you during the implementation phase.

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We ensure continuous optimisation of results by establishing connectivity between all contact channels. In addition, we work together with you on concepts for new customer acquisition, realise cross-selling campaigns and provide support with integrated retention and prevention measures.

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Invest in success:
our expertise in the financial segment.

We help leading concerns in the financial segment to optimise the management of their customer bases. This includes, for example, the identification of advisory and product potentials in the customer base.

The information gathered here flows into the strategic alignment of sales and marketing and guarantees long-term revenue growth.

Our portfolio of services includes:
  • Design and realisation of professional processes and technical interfaces
  • Data-security-compliant consumer-oriented information usage
  • Product affinity analysis
  • Analytical CRM
  • Multichannel campaign management
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In addition to implementation at our clients’ sites, we also assume responsibility for full-service management of dialogue marketing – both online and offline. For instance, for a leading bank, we manage and operate a complete package comprising the corporate website and customer acquisition with SEM / SEO as well as cross-selling and upselling activities in the customer base.

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Generate sustainable success:
with our expertise in the energy sector.

We provide essential services to various companies from the energy sector, particularly in the areas of cross-channel new customer acquisition. These include, for example, outbound calls on the basis of validated opt-in data checked by us for complete compliance with data privacy regulations.

KPI-based reporting and the utilisation of product affinity indexes ensure our clients significantly increased efficiency in their acquisition channels.

At the same time, our expertise guarantees complete coverage of complex customer requirements in both the B2C and B2B sectors.

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Sustainable energy industry: sailing to success with the wind