Facts, figures and hard data. It’s music to our ears.

Our nerve centre is where we lay the groundwork for turning data into demonstrable added value for our clients.

Thanks to intelligent analysis, we can turn the resource of data into genuine added value for our clients. Not only does this give data-driven companies a proven competitive edge, but a solid data basis is also a prerequisite of digital transformation.

Our Data and Analytics experts are fully conversant in the entire gamut of analytical processes: from data preparation and data mining through to predictive and prescriptive analytics, we use everything that gets us closer to our goal – the data-driven optimisation of your business.

What makes them special is that they love data, are extremely inquisitive and exceptionally creative when it comes to writing success stories with your data.


It all starts with a question. And we have the answer.

DATALOGUE Data and Analytics generates clear added value for your business. Using data analysis, we find clear, data-driven answers to your individual marketing- and sales-related issues.

Here are some examples from current client projects:

  • What stage of the customer journey is my customer at and how can I create relevant products and services for them?
  • How do I sustainably optimise my ROMI?
  • What is the best way to address recipients on each channel in order to acquire high-value new customers?
  • How can I identify customers at risk of cancelling and ensure their long-term loyalty?

Our data specialists are not only able to perform scalable analysis of data from all conceivable sources and generate valuable insights from this data. They are also able to see things from the perspective of the company and consider your specific issue through the eyes of your customers.

As such, they quickly and efficiently bring effective and lasting data-based solutions to life that take your business to the next level.

Just ask us. We have the answer to your challenge.


Business Value. Made by qualified data.

It’s always worth looking beyond your own horizon now and again. After all, our data analysts do it every day.

When analysing data, we not only use your own data, but also broaden the data-based perspective on your specific challenge by using and incorporating data from external sources.

DATALOGUE combines company data with data such as privacy law-compliant household data in order to learn more about the individual motivations, attitudes and requirements of your customers and future leads.

As a company, you can therefore pinpoint the needs of your target group as part of a holistic customer centricity strategy, making it easier to address them in the right way at the right time on the right channel – and with the right message.

Do you want to know how much potential your data offers? Ask our Data and Analytics experts and generate immediate demonstrable effects for your business.


Companies need the right toolkit for the concept of customer centricity. With data analytics, we at DATALOGUE offer a bespoke set of tools that harnesses insights specifically for sales and marketing and that offers data-driven support for the entire customer journey, optimising it to the maximum extent possible.


Sebastian Müller